A new site, for non 3D art!

Welcome to the a new site,

I created this site to keep my main (3D-art) Artstation-Portfolio clean from the other work types.

This site is more focussed on the learning and also on showing personal works.


I have created the following pages :

  •  Drawings
    • Ranging from full drawings, to simple rough sketches.
    • I have sorted my art into groups, base on their year.
    • I also sorted them per category.
  • Code Tryouts
    • Currently only contains UE4 procedural creations.
    • In the future I would add houdini elements here.
  • Games
    • Shows games I have created art for.
      • Games, GameJams

I am currently quite busy with job hunting, tutorials and making new art.

I will add more stuff in the future, possibly: 3D art, Houdini, Substance Designer experiments, etc.

The site just got created, so various details may change, perhaps structurize it a bit better.


My 3D portfolio can be found here on " > Artstation " :


Take a look around, be inspired!



Kind regards,


Alexander Laheij