Dance With The Angels, 2016

AKA: 天使とダンス            
Tokyo Game Show (Japan)

About the game:

  • 3rd person arena shooter, multiplayer game, in a dieselpunk style.
  • It had mechs that have the ability to transform into airplanes.
  • Gameplay included a gamemode where two teams of up to 6 players would fight for points (aka Morale), which you can get from kills and capturing points on the map.
  • The level was a deserted city.
  • Once a team reached the a certain amount of points the game would shift to a 'Till Death Do Us Part mode.
  • In this you have one life, team deathmatch. The team that won the morale battle gained a benefit.
  • You could play as one of the 3 mechs (light, medium and heavy). You could pick a special move too.
  • The game was showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2016, and audiences reacted positively. I was not at tgs.

My work:

  • Within half a year, during school time, I created the following...
  • ... various props for set-dressing the city
  • ... procedural signs for more set-dressing
    • The signs were easy to change in color, text and light (how broken or designed flickering)
  • ... Giant Center Building, known as ANTA
  • ... Various concepts
  • ... VFX

About our work


> Various students have worked on the project in the past.

> During the summer of '16 we, a small dedicated group, kept working on the game, up untill TGS.

> Our student producer, Jeroen, went to TGS, to show the game at an indie booth.

> We had fantastic reactions!

> A lot was learned about people, skills and the industry! 

> We had a lot of fun! It was a great experience!


Concept for the vision:

I created this concept during the summer of '16
I created this concept during the summer of '16

Tokyo Game Show, Japan

I was not at TGS, but here are some pics of our game being played there!

ANTA, Building

The main building I created, including the docks. I did not create the city buildings on the left & right, bought.

The quick concept I made for this building.

Various props I created

Ventilation, Gasstation, Boxes, Fountains, Etc...

/\ I created a dynamic signage system. For quick edits in text, color, flickering of the light, etc..


More images of the game :

A visual representation of what is in the game ( made by various artists ) :

I created a couple of VFX effects for weapons, explosions, etc.
I created a couple of VFX effects for weapons, explosions, etc.

(more) Concept I made

Rangemu Magazine 2016

We also ended up in the magazine that showcases the Dutch gaming industry in Japan, during the Tokyo Game Show in 2016. ( page 20 )

Check out the full magazine here :