Dance With The Angels, 2016

Tokyo Game Show (Japan)

About the game:

  • 3rd person arena shooter, multiplayer game, in a dieselpunk style.
  • It had mechs that have the ability to transform into airplanes.
  • Gameplay included a gamemode where two teams of up to 6 players would fight for points (aka Morale), which you can get from kills and capturing points on the map.
  • The level was a deserted city.
  • Once a team reached the a certain amount of points the game would shift to a 'Till Death Do Us Part mode.
  • In this you have one life, team deathmatch. The team that won the morale battle gained a benefit.
  • You could play as one of the 3 mechs (light, medium and heavy). You could pick a special move too.
  • The game was showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2016, and audiences reacted positively. I was at tgs.

My work:

  • Within half a year, during school time, I created the following...
  • ... various props for set-dressing the city
  • ... procedural signs for more set-dressing
    • The signs were easy to change in color, text and light (how broken or designed flickering)
  • ... Giant Center Building, known as ANTA
  • ... Various concepts
  • ... VFX

About our work


> The student game was more or less worked on by various students during school, most of them just using the project for their grades. Team name Jet - Leg.

> During the summer of '16 we, a small dedicated group, kept working on the game, up untill TGS.

> I was also dealing with a dying relative and all the social problems around this.

> Despite the madness of the deadline approaching quick, teachers not keeping to agreements and having the team fixing broken sh*t other students put in the game, we managed to make the deadline to get a beta out.

> We worked in the summer like mad men, it was amazing! :D

> A special thanks to Jeroen, for his massive research on Japan and it's culture and continous efforts in making contacts over there. Despite all the trouble he got, he did not gave up on the team and game. He is was made it possible for us to show to even show the game there in the first place.

> Jeroen went to TGS, Japan with some teachers too. He showed the game, made contacts and the Japanese people there loved the game! What's not to love about giant robots fighting in a city

> A special thanks to Dion, made the game fun with his design improvements!

> We would have loved to go commercial, but a teacher(s) talked to our contacts, breaking all contacts.

> A lot was learned about people and qua skills! We had a lot of fun! It was a great experience!


Concept for the vision:

I created this concept during the summer of '16
I created this concept during the summer of '16

Tokyo Game Show, Japan

I was not at TGS, but here are some pics of our game being played there!

ANTA, Building

The main building I created, including the docks. I did not create the city buildings on the left & right, bought.

The quick concept I made for this building.

Various props I created

Ventilation, Gasstation, Boxes, Fountains, Etc...

/\ I created a dynamic signage system. For quick edits in text, color, flickering of the light, etc..


More images of the game :

A visual representation of what is in the game ( made by various artists ) :

I created a couple of VFX effects for weapons, explosions, etc.
I created a couple of VFX effects for weapons, explosions, etc.

(more) Concept I made