Game Jams

Global Game Jam, 2021

F*ck Trains

About the game

Theme: Lost & Found
" Old playthings long lost and forgotten by their owners clash to find a new purpose in their existence... "



F**k Trains is a third-person action game where you fight a procedurally generated toy train, using cubes found arena the arena that doubles as projectiles and protection from the enemy attacks!

Team 'Big Wood'

  • Giandomenico Lombardi
    • Technical Game Designer
  • Fabian Groß
    • Technical Enemy Designer
  • Gabriel Madog Joyce
    • Technical Game Designer
  • Taliesin Giuliano Fairclough Di Girolamo
    • 3D Artist
  • Ekaterina Kafelova
    • 3D Artist
  • Naeema Saeed
    • 3D Artist
  • Kiril Dragomirov
    • 3D Artist
  • Alexander Laheij
    • 3D Artist

My work:

  • I created a some trees,
  • a girafe,
  • and a monkey


About Global Game Jam, 2021

Link: More info here!



  • A = Gamepad , B = Mouse+Keyboard
  • Walk
    • A, Left Thumbstick
    • B, WASD
  • Look Around
    • A, Right Thumbstick
    • B, Mouse
  • Jump
    • A, A Button
    • B, Spacebar
  • Shoot
    • A, Right Trigger (RT)
    • B, Left Mouse Click
  • Lock On
    • A, Right Shoulder (RB)
    • B, Right Mouse Click
  • Pause
    • A, Start Button
    • B, Escape


It's been great fun!

GMTK Game Jam, 2020

Don't play with dad's chainsaw


  • Alexander Laheij, Artist (+ animated character)
  • Rodolfo Fava, Programmer
  • Dion Koenders, Level / Game Designer
  • Pepijn van Sinderen, Programmer / Design


  • We defiantly did not spend the full 48 hours, so we had to rush it a bit.
  • The evening before we were already talked about the game jam a bit, with a beer ofcourse.
  • One of the ideas we was this idea. When we read the theme " Out of control ", we knew (!) we just had to make this game.
  • This is the result, it was great fun!!
  • ( I learned a bit more about animation too :) )

About GMTK Game Jam, 2020


This is a 48 hour game making marathon, focused on design, mechanics, and clever ideas.


5,327 entries


Theme: Out of control


More info here!



  • W & S to steer
  • Spacebar to Jump

Global Game Jam, 2019

Crab Crib


  • Roelof Elsman Contreras
    • Team Lead
  • Giandomenico Lombardi
    • Gameplay Programmer
  • Gabriel Madog Joyce
    • Gameplay Programmer
    • Game Feel
  • Jordi Engel
    • Level Design
    • UI Design
  • Salome Busurashvili
    • Environment Art
    • UI Art
  • Nick Remie
    • Character Art
  • Bernard Elsman Contreras
    • Character Animations
    • Environment Art
  • Ekaterina Kafelova
    • Environment Art
  • Alexander Laheij
    • Environment Art ( top left in img. ^_^ )

About Global Game Jam, 2019


Get together make a game over the weekend!


47,009 entries


More info here!


Theme: What home means to you


About the game


In Crab Crib, you play as Hermit Crab who is collecting items on a small island, trying to mash up the perfect artificial shell to call home. You will grow in size as you ammass a bigger shell, becoming able to pickup bigger items as a result. Your goal is to amass the biggest amount of items, within the given time limit.


Made with UE4.


We won 3rd price @ BUAS school, Breda!



  • Keyboard & Mouse:
  • Alternate pressing Q and E to move forward



  • It's been a lot of fun, great team mates!
  • Also got the chance to see Howl's Moving Castle!

My work:

  • 3D models
  • + Some concepts!

Epic Mega Jam, 2019

Yoyo Punch


  • Art - Alexander Laheij
  • Level design and Audio - Cas Witbaard
  • Programming - Kit van den Bunt
  • Programming - Rodolfo Fava

My work:

  • 3D models of yoyo's & environment
  • + Simple procedural platform

Made over ~ 5 evenings!

It's been great!!

About Epic Mega Jam 2019 ( UE4 )

Get together make a game!


460 entries, 1k jammers


More info here!


Theme: Down to Earth


About the game


Multiplayer game made for the Epic Mega Jam 2019.


Battle your friends using Yoyo's and outsmart them using your devilish physics skills, and win the round by holding the flag for 20 seconds! 


We followed the theme "Down to Earth" to the letter, as you can see in the level progression. 


Best experienced with controllers! Up to 4 players.

(PS. To play, connect Xbox / PS controllers)